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California-born foodie and photographer, May has a passion for all things travel-related. She is constantly looking at flights for her next adventure and is always on the hunt for a good deal. She’s that friend that plans all the group trips with an extensive itinerary down to the minute. She’s the one that buys all of the Lonely Planet books and is researching blogs months in advance. She also is an advocate for exploring the world and experiencing as much as a lifetime can fit.

After traveling over 50 countries and 100 cities, she has become an expert in traveling and trip planning. Even though she travels and shops in every way possible, her greatest joy comes out of when she finds a great deal. May chronicles her adventures through her camera and loves sharing her stories through her blog and Instagram. She currently lives and works full-time in Los Angeles and hopes to one be able to build hotels around the world and keep traveling for the rest of her life. If you love traveling as much as she does, don’t hesitate to email her and say hello. Making friends is the best part about traveling!