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Merry Christmas, Everyone! Today, we're going to have our first Luxury Lowdown Luxury Haul for 2021! I always find it entertaining watching everyone's luxury haul on YouTube so I thought it would be fun to make one of my own. I'm not well-versed on the YouTube front yet so this will just be a regular blog post for now, but maybe one day. Also, I'm not a crazy spender since my budget just doesn't allow


How can someone not go shopping at Louis Vuitton in Paris? It's almost like a requirement! Right next to eating a croissant at a cafe or visiting the Eiffel Tower. Out of all the french luxury brands out there, I don't think there is any name more famous than Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton was the first luxury brand that I was interested in and is where I bought my first luxury bag ever. It was