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In Part 2 of our Alaska Airlines Free Wine Tasting series, we are going to explore Umpqua Valley, Oregon. As a quick reminder, the way to get the free wine tasting is if you’ve flown on Alaska Airlines from one of the 30 participating airports and will visit one of the listed wineries within a certain amount of days. You can find more detailed information on Part 1 of the series here. Umpqua Valley is not


I love wine. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve spent on wine because I’ll probably start getting depressed. Just kidding. Even though I’m no expert in wine, it’s something I’ve taken a liking to in the past couple of years. I hate going to a restaurant and not be able to pick a wine bottle that I know I would like. So, for the past couple of years, I’ve decided to slowly educate

Las Vegas

The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas currently has a special offer for essential workers where they are giving away a complimentary night with a minimum 2-night stay. In other words, buy one night and get one free. There are actually two essential workers in my immediate group of friends and they thought it would be nice to do a small relaxing Vegas trip. They booked for Friday night and ended up getting Saturday night for