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I know I’ve been posting a lot about Oregon lately so today I’m going to change it up and talk about our recent visit to the Park MGM Las Vegas using the Chase Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection (LHRC). You might have seen one of my earlier blog posts where we stayed at the Encore Hotel Las Vegas using Amex’s Fine Hotels and Resort Program. Well, the Chase LHRC is almost exactly like that. We have never used Chase’s hotel program before so we thought we give it a try. Also, Park MGM is actually only on the Chase LHRC program and is not listed under Amex’s Fine Hotels and Resorts.

To access Chase’s Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection portal, you need to be the proud owner one of these credit cards:

-Chase Sapphire Reserve

-Chase Sapphire Preferred

-Ink Business Preferred

-United Explorer Card

-United Club Infinite Card

With that being said, it seems like most Chase cards might actually give you access. The only thing that Chase’s LHRC website asks you is for you enter in the first six digits of one of your Chase cards. I personally have the Chase Sapphire Reserve and can vouch that this card works. But if you have a different Chase card, it wouldn’t hurt to try it out.


If you can remember, this used to be the old Monte Carlo Hotel. It is a part of the MGM Resorts empire and has been completely renovated the past couple of years. They’ve completely changed the facade, added a brand new theater, and have the Nomad Hotel chain leasing the top four floors of the building. I feel like the casino has been fairly modernized and there are a bunch of amazing new restaurants. I like it when they have actually chefs come in like Bricia Lopez for Mama Rabbit and Roy Choi for Best Friend. Of course you can’t forget about Eataly! For anyone that doesn’t know what Eataly is, it’s a beautiful Italian food mecca with restaurants, wine bars, sandwich shops, gelato, bakery, and a gourmet marketplace. Literally a food lover’s dream.

The rooms of the hotel are surprisingly roomy. They are updated with a dark green theme which matches with the hotels’ gardenesque theme. I also was surprised to hear that the hotel has recently became the first smoke-free hotel on the whole strip. I couldn’t believe the change especially for a Vegas hotel. Not sure if COVID has something to do with it, but it is definitely nice to walk around a casino and not smell like cigarettes by the time you get up to your room.



The Chase Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection is almost exactly like Amex’s Fine Hotels and Resorts Program. The premise is that the credit card companies will offer you a set list of on-site benefits to entice you to book through their travel portals. In my experience, Chase and Amex almost always offer the same type of benefits. Below are the benefits offered by Chase along with what the Chase verification process looks like:


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  1. Daily Breakfast for Two: The daily breakfast benefit was $30 for each person up to two people (a total of $60). The credit is only allowed at Primrose Cafe. Unfortunately, Chase does not allow in-room dining as part of their breakfast benefit. We made reservations for 10:30 a.m. the day before and we’re seated right away when we arrived. Please keep in mind that COVID precautions are in place. Tables are spaced out farther apart and you are required to wear a mask walking around the restaurant. There were three of us and we ordered two drinks and three dishes. Our bill ended up being $118 (including tax + tip). All you have to do is charge it to the room and when you check out, the front desk agent will take $60 off from your breakfast bill. Also, be aware that tip does not count towards your breakfast credit or the $100 special benefit.
  2. $100 Special Benefit: The $100 benefit was a food and beverage credit to be used at any of the hotel’s restaurants. One of the reasons we chose Park MGM is because we knew that Eataly was located here. We knew we could easily spend the $100 here and we sure did. We had a bottle of rosé at the wine bar first and then went to Rossopomodoro for lunch to share a couple of pizzas and pastas.
  3. Complimentary Wifi: For the wifi credit, you get $5 off your resort fee. You might not see it on your folio when you check out because it’s actually already discounted from the resort fee. Park MGM’s resort fee is $39, but when I looked on my folio, it was $34.
  4. Room Upgrade: We booked a Park MGM Two Queen room since there were three of us. We did get upgraded to a Park MGM Two Queen Strip View, but the room still pretty much looked the same. Just the view was different. In my opinion, I really dislike when they just upgrade the view. This is supposed to be a “room” upgrade, not a “view” upgrade. I’m hoping one day they’ll actually make this benefit better.
  5. Early Check-In and Late Checkout: We landed around 1:00 p.m. and luckily were able to check-in by 1:30 p.m. The front desk agent asked me if I wanted to utilize my 4:00 p.m. check out and I said yes! I wasn’t sure if Chase had the same 4:00 p.m. checkout time as Amex, but it seems like they do.


I kind of already knew that the $100 credit would be worth booking Park MGM through the Chase LHRC. At first, I thought Chase did not include the resort fee in the original price. It clearly states, “Additional resort fees may apply.” Chase would have come out to be around $208 (w/ the resort fee) versus Park MGM’s own website which quoted me $179.14. I thought for $30 more, it was definitely worth getting the $100 F&B credit and the $60 breakfast credit.


This is what Park MGM’s website quoted me. I also can’t forget to mention that we utilized Chase’s early check-in and late check-out option as well which saved us even more money.



Well, once we checked in, you can just imagine how happy I was to find out that the resort fee was already included in Chase’s price! I feel like that never happens. That means that we got a hotel room that was cheaper than the actual hotel’s website and you get all the added benefits. I did a quick breakdown below so you can actually see what you get for the cost.


Book Directly Through Hotel’s Website Cost: $179.14
Chase LHRC Cost: $164.09
Difference: $15.05 cheaper to book with LHRC


Breakfast for Two: $60
Early Check-In: $40
Late Check-Out: $50
Special Amenity Credit: $100
Wifi Credit: $5
Room Upgrade: ~$17
Total: $272 Value

So, by booking Park MGM through Chase and actually paying less, we got about $272 worth of extra perks. This is not even a question if you should book through Chase or not! I only booked one night which would give us the most return since the $100 credit is only good per stay (not per night). If I were to book multiple nights, the benefits obviously won’t last as long. In conclusion, if you are curious about staying at the Park MGM and have a qualified Chase credit card, book through them! I would definitely stay here again.


Park MGM Chase Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection

Park MGM Two Queens RoomPark MGM Chase Luxury Hotel and Resort CollectionPark MGM Two Queen Room ClosetPark MGM COVID PackagePark MGM Seating AreaPark MGM Two Queen Strip View

Park MGM Two Queens Bathroom
Park MGM Two Queens Shower

Park MGM Two Queens ToiletriesPark MGM Check In Lobby Park MGM Primrose BarPrimrose Bloody Marys Park MGM Primrose Avocado Toast with SalmonPark MGM Primrose Steak and EggsPark MGM Primrose Eggs BenedictPark MGM Primrose Dining Room Eataly inside of the Park MGMEataly inside of the Park MGMEataly's Wine Bar Inside of the Park MGMEataly's Wine Bar Inside of the Park MGMRossopomodoro Italian Restaurant inside Eataly Park MGM's Casino FloorPark MGM's Other RestaurantsPark MGM with Chase Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection Park MGM with Chase Luxury Hotel and Resort CollectionPark MGM with Chase Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection


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