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Las Vegas

When the myVEGAS app first came out, I believe it was just a Facebook game, and then came the mobile slot machine version. They advertised that you could get comped Las Vegas hotel rooms just by playing this game. I literally thought there was no way this could be true, especially on a free app. The only way I've ever heard of getting free rooms in Vegas was by spending a lot of money on


When we originally visited Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park earlier this year, I had every intention of trying out sandboarding for the first time. Since I love snowboarding so much, I thought maybe sandboarding would be just as fun. Unfortunately, we got to the park later than expected due to some last-minute changes so we ended up just taking pictures around the sand dunes. If you are planning on visiting, the big thing that


We only had an afternoon to visit Valley of Fire State Park so we decided to use our time wisely and just go straight to the Fire Wave. Valley of Fire State Park is located about an hour north of Las Vegas, Nevada by car. The Fire Wave is famous because of the way the sandstone is made up of different layers of red, pink, and white sediment that resembles an ocean wave. Most people

Las Vegas

I recently did a quick trip to Las Vegas and had booked a room at the MGM Grand using the Chase Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection website portal. I have found that there are three Las Vegas hotels on the Chase LHRC's website that are consistently priced below $100 during the weekdays: Park MGM, Mandalay Bay, and MGM Grand. I've written reviews on the Park MGM and Mandalay Bay, so I'm excited to finish off


For today's blog post, I thought it would be fun to list what I thought were the ten best Instagram spots around Honolulu. As much as I have a love-hate relationship with Instagram, I always find myself trying to find Instagram-worthy locations to take pictures of. Even though I am way more comfortable taking pictures behind the camera, I know one day I'll appreciate the pictures that I'm in. Granted, Instagram has taken photography to