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Everyone seriously needs to stay at one of these tiny homes at Escalante Escapes. It’s located in Escalante, Utah and is right outside Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. Out of all the places we’ve been, we were surprised to find such luxurious accommodations in a very small town. I mean this is a type of town where we had Subway and breakfast sandwiches from a gas station for our meals. It was going to be New Year’s Eve so we wanted to splurge a little on our accommodations for the night. Well, we loved it so much that we booked another night just so we could enjoy the tiny home even more.



Escalante Escapes is made up of nine tiny homes on four acres of land. The homes are divided into two rows with each house having its own outdoor fire pit, patio, and BBQ. The home can easily fit 4-6 people depending on what type of unit you get. We got Barrel Cactus which has a loft with two extra beds up top. The loft is not tall enough for adults to stand up in, but probably doable for small children. We were blown away by how spacious and modern a tiny home could be. Staying here made me really consider buying a tiny home rather than a big traditional house. The only downside though is that there is no closet space. I would definitely need to turn the loft into a closet!

Since we stayed only two days, we didn’t get to utilize all of the amenities like the washer and dryer. We did use the kitchen every night and BBQ’d some steaks and potatoes on the grill for New Year’s Eve. The shower water pressure is great, but the hot water does run out if you stay in there too long. My favorite part though was probably the fire pit outside. We used it at night and in the morning. There isn’t any firewood at the house so we picked some up at the nearest gas station. Just FYI, the gas station is literally the only happening spot in town. Everything mostly closed at 6:00 p.m. so make sure you plan your food choices accordingly.



At first, we couldn’t really tell if Escalante Escapes operated like a hotel or if it was more like an Airbnb. Since there were nine homes, we thought there might be someone living on-site to deal with the day-to-day operations. It turns out that everything is done remotely with what I considered “pretty advanced” technology. You will check-in online and be sent a code number for the door once check-in time is ready. If you have any problems, there is a real person that you can call and she will answer any questions that you have.

Our lights on the patio were actually broken so we called her to see if someone could come fix it. We didn’t have high hopes since it was New Year’s Eve, but to our surprise, she said she’ll send someone right over. Half an hour later, there was an electrician at our door. He knew exactly what needed to be fixed because apparently the house is a “smart” house. The electrician told us that the owners have an app where they can see what things are wrong with the house. I thought this was absolutely genius. Every house should have this. Also, a fun fact we learned, the owner of Escalante Escapes actually built these tiny homes himself!



You can book Escalante Escapes through Airbnb, but we booked directly through their website. Booking through their website is much cheaper since you don’t have to pay all the extra fees. Below is a comparison. It’s over $100 cheaper to book direct. I would always check both sites, but in my experience, booking direct has always given me a lower price.


Airbnb’s price

Escalante Escapes’ Website Price



I would absolutely come back again! Too bad it’s a little out of the way from the major national parks, but I think it’s worth it. Especially, if you have a family or a group of friends, this place is something you could all look forward to after a long day at the parks.


Escalante Escapes Tiny HomesEscalante Escapes Tiny HomesEscalante Escapes Tiny Homes Inside Barrel Cactus UnitBarrel Cactus Master BedroomBarrel Cactus Master Bedroom

Barrel Cactus Bathroom
Barrel Cactus Bathroom
Barrel Cactus Unit's KitchenWasher
Barrel Cactus Unit View from Stairs
Barrel Cactus Unit View from Living Room
Barrel Cactus Unit's KitchenBarrel Cactus Unit's Loft with Two BedsBarrel Cactus Unit's LoftBarrel Cactus Unit's Living Room ClockBarrel Cactus Unit's Living Room
View of Outside
View of Escalante Escapes Barrel Cactus Unit
Me standing in the porch

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