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For the fourth installment of my luxury shopping guide, we're going to visit the Gucci Hawaii Waikiki store on Luxury Row. The Gucci stores in Hawaii will probably be your next best bet on saving money right after the Gucci Outlet. If you haven't had a chance to learn about the Gucci Outlet, I made a full blog post about it here. Otherwise, if you are visiting Hawaii and are looking for the newest Gucci


For the third installment of my luxury shopping guide, we're going to visit the Christian Dior Hawaii Waikiki store on Luxury Row. This store is located in the T Galleria Shopping Mall which is a duty-free mall. This means, in addition to the special Hawaii discount, you don't have to pay any tax. It's like a double discount! Unfortunately, not everything is discounted though. For example, women's shoes do not have a special Hawaii discount,


For the second installment of my luxury shopping guide, we're going to visit the Saint Laurent Hawaii Waikiki store on Luxury Row. This store has a special place in my heart because this is where I bought my first YSL item ever. We were in Oahu celebrating a friend's bachelorette party and decided one day to all go shopping together. My plan was to only be a spectator and just watch all the other girls


It truly is a strange time to be traveling to Hawaii during COVID right now. Almost exactly one year ago, a group of us were off to Oahu to celebrate my birthday for four days. It was the first big group trip I've done in a while and I was so excited. Deep down, I was also nervous because a new virus was coming out of China and making its way around the world. Hawaii


Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to visit Colorado and stay at the beautiful Sheraton Steamboat Resort Villas. A little back story to this is that we were supposed to stay here for a week-long snowboarding trip the previous season. My friend had a timeshare at the Sheraton and planned a trip for all of us. Unfortunately, this same friend also bought a motorcycle for himself the same year. He took it out on


Everyone seriously needs to stay at one of these tiny homes at Escalante Escapes. It's located in Escalante, Utah and is right outside Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. Out of all the places we've been, we were surprised to find such luxurious accommodations in a very small town. I mean this is a type of town where we had Subway and breakfast sandwiches from a gas station for our meals. It was going to be