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my KONAMI FreePlay

My KONAMI FreePlay is essentially free money that you can gamble on real-life slot machines at MGM casinos. If you haven’t heard of my KONAMI, it’s a mobile slot machine game that’s a part of the myVEGAS universe. It’s a separate slot machine game you can play in addition to all the other myVEGAS slot machines. Since it’s a different game, you will have a different set of coins that you need to earn, but all of your loyalty points will sync up across all games. So, in theory, you can be playing both games on different devices and rack up some major loyalty points.

my Konami – Vegas Casino Slots (IOS)

my Konami – Vegas Casino Slots (Andriod)

For this blog post though, I’m going to be concentrating on a special premium reward that’s only available in the my KONAMI app game. This reward is the $25 FreePlay to spend on a slot machine.

What is the Difference Between my KONAMI FreePlay and regular FreePlay?

The my KONAMI FreePlay reward is different from all of the other FreePlay rewards because it doesn’t require you to stay at that particular hotel. The regular FreePlay requires you to stay one, two, or even three nights depending on the FreePlay amount. With the my KONAMI FreePlay, you get to gamble $25 and bypass the hotel stay requirement.

Bellagio my KONAMI FreePlay Aria my KONAMI FreePlay


Do you need to purchase these rewards before you get into Vegas?

I purchased both of my rewards before I got to Vegas. I can’t confirm if you can purchase them once you’re in Vegas but I’ve read stories where the reward does disappear. So, it’s better for you to redeem your loyalty points ahead of your trip. If you don’t end up using it, you can always just refund the reward and you’ll get your loyalty points back.


Can I Buy More than One $25 KONAMI Free Play Reward?

Yes, you can. Please keep in mind that this is a “premium reward” so you are limited to three per rolling 30 days. So, if you redeem for a comp hotel (which is a premium reward), you only have two premium rewards left that you can redeem for my KONAMI FreePlay.


How Many Loyalty Points Do I Need?

Since there is no hotel stay required for my KONAMI FreePlay, it will cost you a hefty 100,000 loyalty points. The regular FreePlay rewards would only cost around 60,000 points, but then you are required to stay at least one night at that specific hotel.


Do I Need to Play on a Specific Slot Machine?

From what I’ve read on the internet, you’re supposed to play specifically on KONAMI Slot Machines (i.e. China Shores, Lotus Land, Chili Chili Fire, etc.). With that being said, both times I cashed in my reward, no one at the Mlife Desk told me that I had to play on KONAMI slot machines. Not sure if they didn’t know or they just didn’t care. But the plain answer is no. You don’t need to play on a specific slot machine. When I used my FreePlay, I played on any machine that I wanted. The only machines that do not work though are progressive machines.

Emperor's Coins Slot Machine
Lucky Tree Slot Machine
Dancing Drums Slot Machine


Do You Have to Play on one Slot Machine?

No. You can cash out your FreePlay and move on to another slot machine if you aren’t feeling lucky. I moved from one to another but it didn’t help my luck either way lol.

How Do You Redeem the my KONAMI FreePlay Reward?

Please be aware every machine is different and below are instructions for the machine I played.

  1. Redeem at Mlife Desk: You need to go to the Mlife desk where your my KONAMI FreePlay is assigned for. If you redeemed a my KONAMI FreePlay reward from MGM Grand, you will have to go to MGM Grand’s Mlife desk to redeem your reward. In my case, I had redeemed my loyalty points for two rewards: one at Aria and one at Bellagio. So, I had to go to both hotels and redeem them at each of their own Mlife desks. Another hotel cannot load another hotel’s FreePlay (I asked).
  2. Pick a Slot Machine: As mentioned before, you don’t have to play at an actual KONAMI Slot Machine. You can pick any machine as long as it’s not a progressive machine.
  3. Insert Your Player’s Card: Insert your Players Card and wait for the light around your card to turn green. The screen next to your card should automatically recognize who you are.
  4. Press the Players Club Button and then Press the FreePlay ButtonFreePlay Instructions
  5. Enter Your PINFreePlay Instructions - Enter PIN
  6. Press the Activate Button: Your $25 FreePlay amount should automatically show up. Just press “activate.” The screen should now show that $25 on your account.FreePlay Instructions - Activate FreePlayFreePlay Instructions - FreePlay Loaded
  7. Put in Your Minimum Bet: This is the part where a lot of people get confused. You actually have to put cash in to start the FreePlay. The amount has to be at least the amount that you are betting per spin. I only had a $5 bill so that’s what I put in. Don’t worry though, after your $25 FreePlay has run out, you have a chance to cash out your initial bet, but you have to be paying attention or you might gamble it by accident.
    1. How It Works: Let’s take my $5 example for simplicity. I put $5 in the machine and each spin costs me .88 cents. If I don’t win anything on that spin, the FreePlay just refills my original $5 by putting .88 cents back. If I bet $1.88 and don’t win anything, the FreePlay will add $1.88 back to my original $5. The FreePlay is pretty much covering my losses at this point. If I do win something, it will be anything above the $5. This sounds more complicated than it really is so don’t worry too much about this part.


How Much Did I Win?

This is the sad part. So, I had $25 FreePlay at Aria and $25 FreePlay at Bellagio. If you minus my $5 original bet that I put in for both amounts below I only made $1.42 at Aria and $4.10 at Bellagio. So, I won a grand total of $5.52 for spending 200,000 loyalty points.

Cashout Voucher Aria
Cashout Voucher Bellagio


Is it Worth It?

To be honest, I didn’t think it was worth it at all. For 200,000 loyalty points, I got two $25 my KONAMI FreePlay rewards (one at Aria and the other at Bellagio), and all I made was less than $5 total. It might be worth it if you use the $25 to supplement your $50 or $100 bet that you were already planning on spending. But just playing the $25 FreePlay by itself was just too fast and too sad. I rather save the 200,000 loyalty points and spend on a comp night at the Aria. At least I know for sure that I’m saving money there.

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