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Amex FIne Hotels and Resorts Conrad and Crockfords

Hilton’s Conrad and Crockfords hotels, located inside the shiny and new Resorts World Las Vegas, has finally joined the Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts (FHR) portfolio. If you’ve been following me on the blog, you might have seen that I was lucky enough to be invited by a friend to the Resorts World Las Vegas opening back in June of this year. Ever since then, I was wondering when Resorts World was going to appear on FHR since I assume it would be considered one of the finest hotels in the world.

Well, while I was browsing through Amex’s FHR website today to see where I can use my $200 Amex hotel credit, there it was! Conrad and Crockfords popped up as hotels that I could stay at and surprisingly at not too bad of a price. I’ve been wanting to check out Conrad and Crockfords since it opened but the prices during summer were just ridiculous. Now that it’s winter and I have this $200 credit to burn, I think I might just go check it out!


What is Amex Fine Hotel and Resorts?

Amex Fine Hotel and Resorts is a special hotel program that only Platinum and Centurion (Invite-Only) cardholders can access. It’s essentially a list of luxury hotels that Amex has negotiated with to provide special benefits to their cardholders like guaranteed late check-out and amenity credit. So, unless you have one of these two cards, I guess this blog post wouldn’t do you any good. But it might convince you to sign up for the Amex Platinum one day!


What is Resorts World Las Vegas?

Resorts World Las Vegas is the newest ground-up mega-casino to be built on the Las Vegas strip within the last 10 years. The property consists of three hotels: Hilton, Conrad, Crockfords. Hilton and Conrad are both under the official Hilton name while Crockfords is owned by the Genting Group. Although Crockfords is owned by a different company, it will still be a part of Hilton’s loyalty program so no need to worry if you wanted to use your points there.

The Hilton portion will consist of your base-level hotel rooms while Conrad is supposed to be Hilton’s higher-end hotel. Crockfords will be Resorts World’s ultimate luxury brand with so-called villas and palaces. Even though they are all separate hotels, they are all located on one property. So they all share the same casino, shops, restaurants, etc.


What are the Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts Benefits?

Amex Fine Hotel and Resorts guarantee you a set of benefits every time you book through their program:

  • Daily Breakfast for Two
  • Room Upgrade (When Available)
  • Noon Check-in (When Available)
  • 4:00 pm Guaranteed Check-out
  • Complimentary Wifi
  • Amenity Credit (Usually $100)

What I think is interesting about Conrad and Crockfords though is that you actually get $125 amenity credit instead of the usual $100. This is in the form of Food & Beverage credit to be used anywhere on the resort which makes this a very lucrative deal!

Conrad Amex FHR ScreenshotCrockfords Amex FHR Screenshot


What Do the Hotel Prices Look Like Though?

It wouldn’t be that great of a deal if the hotel was going to be insanely expensive, right? Well, you’re in luck because if you are looking to go to Vegas sometime in December or January, prices are shockingly low. The lowest prices I’ve found for both hotels are on Sunday-Thursday and start from $100/night (excluding taxes and fees) for Conrad and $249/night (excluding taxes and fees) for Crockfords.

I think $100/night at the Conrad is such an insane deal especially with the $125 F&B credit! If you are specifically looking for the $100 nights, I found it on the nights of Jan 9, 2022 (Sun)-Jan 13, 2022 (Thurs). For the rest of the dates, I’ve been seeing Conrad hover around $129-$139/night (excluding taxes and fees). For Crockfords, the $249/night was the lowest I found for both December and January and it’s pretty widespread across a lot of weekdays so you’ll have more dates to choose from there.

If you are looking to go on a weekend (Fri-Sun), it will definitely be more expensive. With that being said, I still think it’s worth it to go in December-January since it’ll be much cheaper than the summer months.

Conrad Amex Fine Hotel and Resorts $100/nightCrockfords Amex Fine Hotel and Resorts $249/nightPhoto courtesy of


Amex Platinum $200 Annual Hotel Credit

If you haven’t heard already, Amex introduced a new hotel benefit this year to its Platinum cardholders. Every year, Platinum cardholders will be able to receive $200 credit on their statement for prepaid bookings made on Amex Fine Hotel and Resorts or The Hotel Collection. The great thing about the credit this year is that you don’t have to use it on a stay this year. You can use it on a stay next year as long as you book before December 31st, 2021. You can read more about it here on Amex’s FAQ page.

So, that means that you can use your credit for either Conrad or Crockfords and get an even BETTER deal. If you end up booking the Conrad, you’re probably getting the room for free at this point! You still have to pay the pesky resort fee, but at least you get all of the Amex FHR perks like the $125 F&B credit to make up for it. I bet you probably already know what I’m going to spend my credit on!

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