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2022 Las Vegas Resort Fees

Since it’s a new year, I thought I would compile a list of all the major Las Vegas resort fees in one place so you can better plan your next vacation. Some of the hotels have already increased their resort fees so make sure you take a look down below so you know what you’re getting yourself into. What would have been a $50 room has somehow now turned into a $100 room. Your hotel budget has literally just doubled! I just don’t understand why they don’t just include it in the overall price, right? Well, there’s not much we can do about it except be better at knowing what to expect.Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a small commission when you click the links at no additional cost to you.


What Are Resort Fees?

A couple of decades ago, hotels started charging resort fees to cover incidental expenses like wifi, newspapers, phone calls, pool, gyms, etc. Even though these amenities were always there, it seems it was a way for hotels to make more money. It first started our minimal like $10-$20 per night which was manageable. Unfortunately over the years, Las Vegas resort fees have increased more and more to the point that they are sometimes higher than the room rate. Does that even make sense?


Can I Refuse to Pay Las Vegas Resort Fees?

I’ve never seen this happen in real life. When you book the room, you are already agreeing to pay the resort fee once you arrive at the hotel. Even though you don’t plan on using any of the amenities, they will still charge you a resort fee. The only time I’ve seen people not being charged a resort fee is when the hotel is not meeting the expected standard.

For example, one time I was staying at the MGM Grand, and my view was blocked by a big sticker-type advertisement. I called the front desk about the advertisement since it was making me dizzy and asked if I could change rooms. They said they had no other rooms available right now and instead offered to comp the resort fee instead. I wasn’t expecting that but I really appreciated that they had good enough customer service to offer me that.

Advertisement Covering My View


Can Vegas Hotels Waive the Resort Fees?

Once in a while, hotels will offer special deals where they’ll waive the resort fee like during Black Friday or during their slow times. I know Sahara often waives their resort fees and Cosmopolitan usually does a special during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Some hotels waive resort fees if you have status with the hotel as well. I’ve only seen this for people that have Caesars Rewards Diamond Status and above.


How Much are Las Vegas Resort Fees?

Las Vegas resort fees can range anywhere from $0-$45 per night (before taxes). On top of that, they also charge you tax on the resort fees too. Below is a list of all the major hotels and casinos on or close to the strip. Hopefully, this list will help you better plan your next vacation and where to stay.


(Blog links in red)

Rewards Program Resort Fee Tax (13.38%) Total Website
Aria Mlife $45 $6.02 $51.02 Link
Bally’s Caesars Rewards $39.95 $5.35 $41.95* Link
Bellagio Mlife $45 $6.02 $51.02 Link
Caesars Palace Caesars Rewards $45.95 $6.15 $52.10* Link
Circus Circus Circus Players Club $32 $4.28 $36.28 Link
Cosmopolitan Identity (Soon to be Mlife) $45 $6.02 $51.02 Link
Cromwell Caesars Rewards $45.95 $6.15 $52.10* Link
Delano Mlife $39 $5.22 $44.22 Link
Excalibur Mlife $35 $4.68 $39.68 Link
Elara (No Casino) $25 $3.35 $28.35 Link
Encore Wynn $45 $6.02 $51.02 Link
Four Seasons (No Casino) $45 $6.02 $51.02 Link
Flamingo Caesars Rewards $39.95 $5.35 $41.95* Link
Harrah’s Caesars Rewards $39.95 $5.35 $41.95* Link
Luxor Mlife $35 $4.68 $39.68 Link
Linq Caesars Rewards $39.95 $5.35 $41.95* Link
Mandalay Bay Mlife $39 $5.22 $44.22 Link
Marriott Grand Chateau (No Casino) $0 $0 $0 Link
MGM Grand Mlife $39 $5.22 $44.22 Link
Mirage Mlife $39 $5.22 $44.22 Link
New York New York Mlife $37 $4.95 $41.95 Link
Nobu Caesars Rewards $45.95 $6.15 $52.10* Link
Nomad Mlife $39 $5.22 $44.22 Link
Palazzo Grazie $45 $6.02 $51.02 Link
Palms (Temp Closed) Club Serrano $39 $5.22 $44.22 Link
Park MGM Mlife $39 $5.22 $44.22 Link
Paris Caesars Rewards $45.95 $6.15 $52.10* Link
Planet Hollywood Caesars Rewards $39.95 $5.35 $41.95* Link
Resorts World Genting $45 $6.02 $51.02 Link
Rio Caesars Rewards $39.95 $5.35 $41.95* Link
Sahara Infinity Rewards $37.95 $5.08 $43.03** Link
Signature at MGM Mlife $39 $5.22 $44.22 Link
Strat True Rewards $37 $4.95 $41.95 Link
Treasure Island T.I. Players Club $39 $5.22 $44.22 Link
Tropicana MyChoice $37 $4.95 $41.95 Link
Trump (No Casino) $35 $4.68 $39.68 Link
Vdara Mlife $45 $6.02 $51.02 Link
Venetian Grazie $45 $6.02 $51.02 Link
Virgin Hotel The Know $0 $0 $0 Link
Waldorf Astoria (No Casino) $45 $6.02 $51.02 Link
Wynn Wynn $45 $6.02 $51.02 Link

*Resort fees are waived if you are a Caesars Diamond Member or higher**Sahara often has ongoing promotions that give you discounted or waived resort fees.

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