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Palm Springs Happy Hour

I’m excited to share with you three great Palm Springs happy hours that we went to during our 4th of July trip. We actually went to four happy hours across two days, but one of them didn’t really live up to the expectation which I’ll further explain below. As always, all the restaurants listed below are places that I’ve actually been to. I never list or copy and paste from other websites. I want everyone to know that you are getting real live information.

Our Palm Springs happy hour list is in no particular order. It’s just the order that we decided to go in based on what time of day it was. Also, all the happy hours that I’ve listed go on every day so you don’t have to worry if it’s the weekday or weekend. Hope this list helps you on your next Palm Springs trip!

Palm Springs Happy Hours



I found Boozehounds just by chance browsing around through Yelp. Once I saw the pictures of how cute this place was, I knew I had to go there. Originally, I made reservations for dinner but then noticed they had a happy hour. So, my friend and I decided to do that instead since we had nothing else to do during the middle of the day. The place is huge and promotes being super dog-friendly with dog-themed art all over the restaurant. Also, one of the owners seriously looks like Robert Downey Jr. He was helping behind the bar so if anyone goes, let me know if you think the same thing.

Happy Hour: Every Day from 3:00 pm-5:00 pm

Deal: Discounts on Drinks and Food


My first experience at Tommy Bahama was back in February when my friends and I went to Hawaii for my birthday. I remembered that they had a pretty decent happy hour so I thought we would check out the Palm Springs location. The inside is pretty small but they have a decent size outdoor patio. Happy hour is only on drinks but their regular food isn’t too expensive either. I highly recommend the frozen mai tai. I don’t even like frozen cocktails because it’s usually too sweet but it was recommended by the manager so we did it.  Boy, was it delicious! Did I mention they put an extra shot of rum on top?

Happy Hour: Every Day from 4:00 pm-6:00 pm

Deal: Discounts on Drinks Only


What a fun place! It was absolutely packed and had a very lively crowd. We were lucky to get a seat at the bar and even made friends with some locals. The happy hour drinks specials aren’t listed anywhere but the bartender said all well drinks, house wines & beers, were half off. My friend and I just got a glass of wine each and a round of vodka sodas later on. Not sure how much they cost usually but each drink was $6.50. The happy hour food is okay. It is just $2 off some items on their regular menu.

Happy Hour: Every Day from 4:00 pm-7:00 pm; Wednesday 4:00 pm to Close

Deal: Discounts on food and drinks



Maybe it would have been different if we did this particular Palm Springs happy hour on a weekend but I still think our experience would have been the same. I ate at Trio years ago for dinner and remembered having a great meal. Well, this time around, I thought my friend and I would try their happy hour instead. After our overall experience, we probably won’t be coming back here for happy hour again.

First, no one picks up the phone. I called for two days trying to check if they still had a happy hour or not but no one ever answered so we just ended up driving there instead.

Second, the restaurant had most of its lights turned off. I hope it’s because they wanted to conserve energy but the atmosphere was just sad. The happy hour was at the bar and it was completely dark.

Lastly, the happy hour discount wasn’t that great. It was just $2 off certain food items. We ordered a margarita pizza and sweet potato fries. The waitress asked if we wanted a regular crust or cauliflower crust and we went for the cauliflower to be more healthy. Of course, she didn’t disclose that the crust was $3 extra. Once we got the pizza, it was unfortunately all cheese. We had to scrape half of it off just to make the pizza edible. The sweet potato fries were some of the best I ever had though. Not going to lie.

Happy Hour: Every Day from 4:00 pm-7:00 pm

Deal: Discounts on Food Only

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