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Sycuan Casino Resort myVEGAS

Over the holiday break, my friends and I decided to go and visit Sycuan Casino Resort during our road trip down to Mexico. Over the past couple of years, the myVEGAS slot machine game has been expanding its rewards to other cities and venues which makes it even more exciting to play now. Not sure when Sycuan Casino Resort was added to the myVEGAS, but I would say it has some of the best redemptions in the whole game!


Sycuan Casino Resort Location

Sycuan Casino Resort is not actually in Las Vegas but is located a little over 30 minutes west of San Diego. If you are driving from L.A., it’ll take you about 2.5 hours to get there with no traffic.

myVEGAS Limits and Cycle Period

The rewards for Sycuan Casino Resort have different limits and a shorter cycle period than the usual Vegas rewards we see. The usual Vegas rewards limit you to three “premium” rewards per 30 days. The Sycuan rewards limit you to two “premium” rewards per 7 days. Any comp night rewards are considered a “premium” reward.


myVEGAS Redemption

Redemption #1

For this trip, we were planning on staying on a Wednesday night since this was just a stop on our way down to Mexico for New Year’s Eve. My best friend and I redeemed a room each for 60,000 loyalty points. This reward gives you a room with one king bed. If you want a room with two queen beds, all you have to do is request it when you book and it’ll just cost an extra $10+tax.

myVegas Sycuan Resort and Casino Rewards

There are other comp night rewards on the app if you can get them. They kind of sell out fast but if you’re diligent about checking, you should be able to get one of those.

myVegas Sycuan Resort and Casino Rewards

Redemption #2

To be honest, I hadn’t thought about redeeming my points for another reward during our stay. This was supposed to be just a quick one-night stop, but while I was at the Club Sycuan desk, the lady told me that I could still redeem for another award and suggested some of the restaurants on-site. So, I logged into the myVEGAS slot machine game and clicked on Sycuan, and lo-and-behold, there were a couple of rewards for food credit.

We decided to get the $40 F&B credit at Bull & Bourbon. Three out of the four of us play this game so we each got one and got $120 off our bill which was great! The fourth friend decided to join myVEGAS shortly thereafter lol. Unfortunately, I recently checked the game and it looks like this reward is not there anymore.


How to Book The Room

The only annoying thing about this reward is that there are a couple of steps you have to do to book the room.

  1. First, you have to physically call Sycuan and reserve the room whereas, for the Vegas comps, you get to just do it online. Once you redeem your reward, you’ll get the usual email with instructions on what to do. Sycuan Redemption Instructions
  2. Second, once you’ve arrived, you will have to go to the Club Sycuan desk first (before you check in) for them to load the free night award on your player’s card. If you don’t have one, you can get it at the same desk.Club Sycuan Desk
  3. Third, you should receive a ticket from the Club Sycuan desk to give to the front desk agent at the lobby when you finally check in. It looks something like the below. Be aware, the Club Sycuan desk and the lobby are not next to each other. You will have to walk down a bit further to the lobby. Sycuan Room Ticket


Is There a Resort Fee at Sycuan Casino Resort?

I think I might be in love with this place. For only being 2.5 hours away and getting a free night or two-night stay is AMAZING. On top of it, they have a REASONABLE resort fee. The annoying thing about the Vegas hotel comps is that you still have to pay the resort fee which can be up to $50+ per night. When you redeem with Sycuan, the resort fee is only $10+tax. Now, this is what I call a deal!


Sycuan Casino Resort Pictures

Two Queen Bed Room

I was very impressed with the rooms at Sycuan Casino Resort. Everything looked new and modern and definitely super clean. I thought the design of the rooms was thought out very carefully and everything felt very spacious. I will say though that the beds seemed quite high and I wished they had a smart TV where we could have hooked up our streaming services or at least YouTube.


The casino was like any other casino that you might find in Las Vegas. There are smoking and non-smoking areas. If you are looking for the non-smoking area, it’s in the back near the bingo hall. The bingo hall also has a smoking and non-smoking area.


There are many food options at Sycuan Casino Resort. We ate at Bull & Bourbon because we had our $40 myVEGAS reward. Luckily for us, they had a $29 Filet Mignon and Lobster on Wednesday nights. I was actually surprised by the size and how well it was cooked. For $29, I thought we were going to get something that was subpar but it was really good! We didn’t get to try anything else since we were only staying one night but hope to try Elicit next time. Lastly, I don’t have a picture below but I thought I would mention that there is a Starbucks by the elevators if you need your morning coffee or a fast breakfast.



I can’t say enough good things about Sycuan Casino Resort especially when you only have to pay $10/night here. The rooms are fantastic too! I loved this reward so much that I’m already trying to plan my next trip out there. My best friend and I decided to go play bingo before we had to check out and somehow I won 100 free bingo cards! The catch is that I have to come back within the next 30 days to redeem them though. I guess this is how the casino gets you to keep coming back.

Sycuan Casino Resort

Sycuan Casino Resort

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