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myVEGAS Exclusive Rates Reward Calendars Oct 2021-Jan 2022

The October 2021 to January 2022 myVEGAS Exclusive Rates Reward Calendars are finally out! These are regular rewards (not premium) that you can purchase to lock in a certain rate at a particular hotel. If you are looking for the One Night Comp Reward Calendars, you can find them here. If you don’t know anything about the myVEGAS game, Mlife, or the difference between regular vs. premium rewards, I suggest you read this blog post first. Trust me, it’s worth reading if you’re looking to save money on Las Vegas hotel rooms. I hope this helps you on your journey!myVEGAS Exclusive Hotel Rate Rewards


For this reward, you can book up to three nights. If you try to book more than three nights, it will give you an error like below. Although, there might be a workaround if you’re willing to try or put in the effort. See section below.

3 Night Max



I’ve accidentally bought two of the same myVEGAS Exclusive Rate Rewards and I didn’t get any errors. So it looks like maybe you can technically link them back-to-back but I have not tried this myself. It also says in the fine print that each reward is limited to one person but I would be interested to see if anyone has done it.

Multiple myVEGAS Exclusive Hotel Rate Rewards Limit one per player


I wrote in a previous post that you weren’t allowed to use a “One-Night Comp” reward alongside an “Exclusive Rate” reward because the game would give you some sort of error. Well, it seems that was not true. I bought both the Exclusive Rate and One Complimentary Night rewards for the MGM Grand and it didn’t give me an error.


Now, looking back on it, I used the Aria Exclusive Rates as an example and I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the Aria rewards lately. It keeps sayings that I’ve reached my limit but I haven’t even bought or used anything. Does anyone else have that problem? Either way, it’s good to know that you can redeem your loyalty points for both. With that being said, I haven’t actually tried booking rooms with both yet, but if I do, I’ll be sure to update it here!



Please be aware that these dates are what is shown in my account. I know for a fact that the closer the date gets, the availability changes for certain people. Below is an example of the reward calendar for the Bellagio. The calendar to the left is my friend’s calendar and she is a Mlife Sapphire Elite (which is the lowest tier out of five). The calendar on the right shows the availability of a Mlife Gold Elite (middle tier). I’m not 100% positive if this is due to your elite status or maybe on how long you’ve played the game. The point is that the calendars could be different for other people.

Mlife Sapphire

Mlife Sapphire Calendar

Mlife Gold

Mlife Gold Calendar


To be honest, I don’t think these rates are always the best deals. Maybe it is for someone who has no status at all or is looking at weekend dates, but in my experience, sometimes the rates you get off the regular Mlife website are better. You’ll just have to do some research on the dates that you are looking at to see if it’s better to do the “Exclusive Rates” or just to do the regular online rates. Below is an example of what I pulled for MGM Grand for the month of October depending on your status. As you can see, the rates vary depending on your status and the day of the week. So, just be careful on the days you book.

MGM Grand Exclusive Rates

MGM Grand Sapphire Status Rates

MGM Grand Gold Status Rates



Understanding the myVEGAS Exclusive Rates Reward Calendars below:

  1. Anything in the gray means that you cannot check in on that date
  2. Please keep in mind that other players might have different dates from my own. Also, if you are reading this months later, availability could have changed. To know for sure if you have these rates, you will need to redeem your loyalty point and look at the calendars on your end. This is for reference only so you can get an idea of what is out there.
  3. This is a regular reward (not premium)
  4. You will still have to pay the resort fee and any associated taxes
  5. All screenshots/calendars are courtesy of

Aria – $109 Midweek & $159 Weekends

Loyalty Points Needed: 12,000


Bellagio – $129

Loyalty Points Needed: 60,000

Excalibur – $29 Midweek & $69 Weekends

Loyalty Points Needed: 2,000



Loyalty Points Needed: Currently No Exclusive Rates Available


Mandalay Bay – $79 Midweek & $119 Weekends

Loyalty Points Needed: 4,000

MGM Grand- $59 Midweek & $99 Weekends

Loyalty Points Needed: 2,500


Mirage – $69 Midweek and $109 Weekends

Loyalty Points Needed: 3,000

NY NY – $49 Midweek & $89 Weekends

Loyalty Points Needed: 2,000


Park MGM – $65 Midweek & $89 Weekends

Loyalty Points Needed: 2,500


Vdara – $89 Midweek & $129 Weekends

Loyalty Points Needed: 4,000


  • Leonardo

    September 29, 2021

    Hello thank you for this information! I am planning to use my $129 rate reward, i know you said i cannot check in on the grey, i plan to check in on October 8 and check out oct 10. Would my $129 room rate be available for these dates? It shows blue for Friday but grey fro Saturday 8/08-08/10


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